Credit for studying abroad

If you decide to study abroad or stay abroad during your studies, this stay must also be financed. For example, you can take out a loan for studying abroad. As a rule, the credits for a degree are offered by German institutes and they only finance the degree at a German university. However, there are also certain offers from some banks, including a loan for studying abroad.

What types of credit are there for studying abroad and who are the providers?

What types of credit are there for studying abroad and who are the providers?

One of the prerequisites for most providers who already provide credits for studying abroad is that they spend a maximum of two semesters abroad and are simultaneously enrolled at a German university. So you can’t take a vacation semester to stay abroad. Because within a semester of vacation, payments are stopped. The so-called Good Lender student loan enables a one-time payment of up to 5000 USD for all special costs, which also includes internships and stays abroad.

At the Good Lender there is also no maximum duration for the stay abroad, you just have to be enrolled at a German university and complete the study within the standard period of study and the two semesters abroad. In principle, Deutsche Bank finances a loan for studying abroad if this is prescribed in the study regulations. The duration of the stay abroad is also based on this.

At Agree bank, it is even planned that the framework for a loan for studying abroad is 1,500 USD as soon as you complete a semester abroad from the fifth semester in a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

What else do you need to know about financing your studies abroad?

What else do you need to know about financing your studies abroad?

Generally it is possible to get a loan for the stay abroad. But the whole course is always taken as a basis.
But the calculated amount does not have to be used. However, Best bank is the only bank that finances the entire stay abroad, which includes the bachelor and master degree. Here, too, up to $ 1,500 per month can be paid out.

Many savings banks that also offer credit for studying abroad want to support students who live and study in the relevant region. But the entire study abroad is not paid for by the Sparkasse. The only exception is the Sparkasse Aacehn, because it also includes the universities in the German-Dutch border region. With private banks in particular, stays abroad that take place during regular studies are not a problem.

In any case, you should inform yourself well before your stay abroad or study abroad and clarify all questions regarding financing, so that there are no nasty surprises and you can enjoy your study abroad without having to deal with financial difficulties. You can quickly find the right answers to your questions about financing your studies abroad on the Internet, or you can contact your house bank and speak to a consultant about the financing options for your stay abroad. But most universities also have numerous contact persons who can be contacted if you have any questions about your stay abroad and who can certainly help you.

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